Once the bright ideas and concepts had been hashed out, it was time for me to create the final plans and the team to start building the "The Trailer." Life is a lot easier when you have a CNC, great carpenters, talented sculptors and exceptional painters to help your visions come to life.

We started in Sketchup with a 3D Model of "The Trailer" for spatial planning. Not only did we want to efficiently utilize the booth space, the interior of the trailer had to be a "one experience at a time" for the customer. Revealing the narrative one room at a time, as opposed to staring down a hallway and taking everything in at once.
Build Details
Build in Progress.
So many manufacturing processes were called into play with this build. Vacuum forming, sculpting, painting, carpentry...It truly did showcase the studio's talent. 

The only part that was not fabricated from scratch were the tires and the light bulbs.

Sadly, this show was canceled in 2020, and The Trailer never saw the light of day.

Some say it still exists..in all of its decrepit glory, in some backwoods holler, over-armored, awaiting its next occupant to come gather more specimens.
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