These are sketches for a concept of a complete party store within a Big Box store. This Big Box store happens to be based in New Zealand.

The overall idea is that you'd get your customers in for their Big Box needs and then not have to stop anywhere else if they plan on creating a decorated Social Expression Experience for their family or friends.
We wanted the service counter to go along for the ride with the rest of the store, naturally.
Using elements from their overall style board and then putting our own spin on it.
We wanted to infuse the entire experience of shopping in this department with fun.
It's a party. Not a grocery run.
Any time you can engage the little ones with larger than life versions of their favorite character, do it.
We also wanted to make the balloon shopping experience as simple and convenient as possible. The idea here was to use these fixtures as your palette, then have them inflated at the service counter.
Pinatas are always tricky to merchandise. Making them look neat and organized can be tough. This idea attempts to solve that.
3D Model used for the pitch. I did the 3D model, and it was rendered in Enscape by another team at NEXT.
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