We kiss a lot of toads looking for the customer experience that's going to knock everyone's socks off.

This is often my favorite part of any project. Being able to massage the possibilities out of an idea on paper with lines and color. It's a loosey-goosey thing that happens and you don't judge, you just create another layer and see if it might come in handy down the line.
"Junkyard Bob's Towing and Salvage" concept. This wound up having elements from it used in the final iteration of the overall concept.
"Halloween City Townscape" concept. This also wound up having elements in it that would be a big part of the final concept.
The Haunted Theater concept was something I had always thought would work across the board. Turns out it was better suited for one element of the overall, not a set dressing for the whole concept. Still pretty cool, though.
You usually can't go wrong with boxes. Well. Actually, you can. This is as far as this concept made it.
Finally, we have the "what if Universal Studios went to the zombies" concept. Coulda been kinda fun? I dunno. Maybe a bit obtuse. Didn't make it.
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