Ever walk into a Halloween pop-up store and think: "Man. This just feels dingy and gross. I'm headed to Spirit."

This retail experience was designed to prevent that. We created a "Road Trip Through Halloween City" featuring actual corrugate structures that would engage the customer, show off in a larger than life way the product and give people ideas about how to accessorize (fill the basket).
This is the 3D rendering of the structure in fly-through.
Instead of cloning generic textures onto the structures or some other flat, Photoshop looking thing, I really went down the rabbit hole and created a desert town HDR inside SketchUp / V-Ray. I then set the sun time to 6:30 PM on October 31, placed all of the 3D models into it and rendered to scale all of the textures off of the models to apply to the corrugate structures.

That way, the shadows and reflected light could be applied to the structure just like they would be in reality. It turned out quite stunning!
Note the backdrop of the diner...a take on the Edward Hopper classic "Nighthawks."
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