I don't believe that a portfolio should contain just the things you do in your line of work. A person's skill set, especially in a creative field, carries through into everything they do
(or it ought to).
This firewood rack started its life as a children's playhouse on stilts. Over time, the playhouse got to the point where only raccoons used it. So it had to come down. My friend Vance helped me demolish it and as you can see, he was quite proud of where we'd gotten to on day one.
By day two, all that remained were the stilts and the old and busted firewood rack.
The stilts closest to the garage were rotted out, so those had to go. The ones out farther in the yard had their footings reinforced with more concrete.
I repurposed as much of the old firewood rack as I could. This made making anything square or straight a little more difficult, but it paid homage to the old structure.
When the vertical ends are put on, the load is transferred back down to the posts, rather out at the ends of each side of the rack. I did not want to sink any supports on the corners of the structure so that leaves could be blown underneath it easily. The wood is also well up off of the ground, allowing air to circulate better while seasoning the wood.
A tarp, some screw eye hitch rings, a few bowlines and trucker's hitches and I'll call this done just in time for winter.
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