DIY Decorating has taken on a life of its own due in large part to Social Media. Mommy Bloggers, Influencers and the like are creating a wide variety of content and are able to show it off to an audience of potentially millions with the snap of a shutter and the click of a button.

This Merchandiser is designed to be a step-by-step, flexible balloon sculpture station. Seasoned pros can 'opt in' to the more complicated versions of each sculpture, while budget conscious or less DIY inclined customers can go the easier route. 

Each package was designed with a palette in mind that would make it so it wouldn't matter what package you picked. They all look spectacular. 
We also had to be mindful that each potential store would be different in terms of available space. So we made it very modular and expandable.
The idea cards themselves would be a free SKU. They would lead you in selecting your product and any other accessories you might need. No rushing to pick up something you forgot an hour before your kids' friends start showing up for a birthday party.
Each different idea card would feature "levels" of complexity/flexibility. This allowed for the customer to create a decoration that was as elaborate as their imagination allowed.
We also wanted to allow the same idea to flow seamlessly into existing balloon merchandising on our tiered racks.
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